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Martin John Butler:

Betina Caulfield

September 30, 2015

Martin, you look great and your bio reads well. Congrats on marrying a pretty and talented lady with whom you can collaborate! Best regards, Betina

Stephen Abernathy

February 7, 2012

Man, 40+ years and we've finally found each other! Great! We had some fun in Demons huh? And Archaeopterix and Triton. So happy we've hooked up, and yeah, I'm hooked on your music! great stuff! See you in NY in March!

Best Friend Forever,

Caroline Azar

March 3, 2011

simple lovely emotional hyper realism..

David Goe

January 18, 2011

Great music here John ! Man I hear a bit of Orbinson to David Gates ~ terrific vocals


December 25, 2010

I have the Demons record on vinyl. I loved that thing and have tried to find it on Cd or as a downloadable in the years since. I got the original from WKNC radio station on NC State campus in 1978. I wore out a cassette I made from it. Let me know if is available. thanks, great to hear you are still recording.

Jean Paul Buffon

December 16, 2010

met you at the Paris


September 26, 2010

martin all my numbers have changed
email me my cousin
i love you


January 21, 2010

Martin! Wow. Just listned to all your short clips and am so very impressed! I'm hooked!
When and where will you be performing live again in the city?

January 1, 2010

Anyone trying to use my site as a free email address, I will delete every post, so don't waste your time, or mine.
Martin Butler

james simeone

April 11, 2007

Hello, found this site as I have been trying to locate Robbie for years. From 79-83 we worked together in a BayRidge bar and he taught me how to play bass and guitar, showing me your parts to I Fought the Law and I hate you. Glad to see your still playing, enjoyed trying to copy your leads (never did it well) If you have any info on how I can find Robbie (we nicknamed him needles, and me pins) when we played; I'd appreciate it much. Also, over the years can't find my old demons album, do you know anyone that carries it or converted to CD?

Frank L

April 1, 2007

Hello Martin, This past Friday, I went to see the Speedies reunion at a club called Southpaw in Brooklyn. There was another band there "Tina & The Total Babes" and they played "She's So Tuff". I said to myself isn't this the Demons song ? I started surfing the net to refresh my memory and I came across your webpage. It's great to see that your still playing. I'm dating myself, but I remember seeing the Demons gig at Sheepshead Bay High School in Brooklyn back around 1979 (?) Robbie Twyford was playing a (clear)Lucite/Plexiglass bass. Soon after that performance, we heard that Mike passed away in a car accident. I still have the original Lp. I also remember talikng with you you near the bar at the Ritz some years later..

Martin Butler

January 5, 2007

Frank, sorry I didn't get back to you sooner. Send me your email address and we'll talk further.

Frank Raimondo

September 7, 2006

Hi Martin,

You do not know me ,but one of my best friends I went to school with was your drummer, Mike Rappoport. We use to play in a band together in High School. After you completed your first album. Mike played with me at a benefit at Brooklyn College. A couple of weeks later he died in a car accident. I still have that album he recorded with you. Was that album ever made CD? If so please let me know where I can buy it. Thanks Frank


January 28, 2006

Still listening to and enjoying your CD. Terrific songwriting. Absoltely from-the-heart songwriting.

Louise Carls

January 23, 2006

How come you got all the talent in the family?

michael and Lisa Singer

December 28, 2005

cool website!! Good Luck!!


October 13, 2005

only heard the tracks on the website, sounds really good I wish I could come see you tonight.
Cant wait to get the CD. All the BEST, BC


August 30, 2005

the site is a GREAT beginning

build build build